Sunday, June 2, 2013


We went to IKEA today because we needed a lamp for our living room. We found a lamp… And a few other things, like this serving plate; I've wanted one for ages and this one was perfect. Made some delicious food and we used it for the first time today!

I also bought an electric toothbrush; pink of course. Going to use it for the first time today as well! It's a day of firsts, haha.

Swedish: Åkte till IKEA idag för att köpa en lampa till vardagsrummet. Vi hittade en lampa och en del andra saker; som det här serveringsfatet. Har velat ha ett hur länge som helst. Köpte också en elektrisk tandborste (Tack mormor för bidraget PUSS. Jag älskar dig!).

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