Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Another Thai-post! This was from our first 'real' day at Koh Samet. I wish we could go back. I really miss it.

Other than that I'm REALLY busy today. Working my ass off, literally. But I've made a looot of progress which is really great. Thinking about taking a break and going for a walk to clear my mind a little. But we'll see.

AND I'm going to Halmstad on Thursday, and Haverdal this Friday!!! I'm so happy I could die. Unfortunately Thomas is not coming with me, but I get to spend time with my family which is rare so It's okay anyway.

Swedish: Ett till Thai-inlägg! Från våran första riktiga dag på Koh Samet. Jobbar ihjäl mig idag, men det går verkligen framåt så det är skönt! Tror att jag ska ta en liten paus och gå på promenad om en liten stund. På torsdag åker jag till Halmstad och på fredag åker jag till Haverdal ÄNTLIGEN!!! Så himla glad.

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