Sunday, November 3, 2013

GAMEX 2013

I was really dissapointed with Gamex '13. First of all, PLEASE next year: have one day where the age limit is 18 and up. There were a million of twelve year old boys who were just running around occupying the consoles and it is pissing me offfff. There should also be some kind of "Play for a maximum of 5 minutes and MOVE ON so the rest of us can have a go" rule.

I don't know but it wasn't a great experience for me, so I will probably not be going there next year (unless there's an age limit). I've had this problem all of the other years as well, so it wasn't a first.

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  1. Min pojkvän och kompis sa samma sak. Att de borde vara artonårsgräns, eller att en dag enbart är för dem under arton.